48 Hour Film Project Eindhoven 2016

Hey you! Last weekend a huge group of people at my school and I took part in the 48 Hour Film Project, A challenge for filmmakers where we had 48 hours to write, film/direct, edit and hand in a film based on some key factors the competition randomy gave. (Genre, Personage with desctiprion, a sentence […]

WatchDogs Filmfest

Hi! A few weeks ago some friends of mine and me made this short film for WatchDogsFest, a filmfest made by ubisoft where contestants had to send in a video about “Hacking Heroes” For some reason our video wasnt uploaded to Ubisoft’s contest and some video someone made back in 2015 for nikon filmfest won. […]

New gear!

So, about a month ago I visited IBC with some friends of mine, and we got to play with a lot of awesome camera gear. When we were busy doing so we compared different models of different brands of cameras and we really fell in love with the Canon C-Series cameras. They are amazing and easy […]

New website, New beginnings.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new website. As some of you might know (but most of you probably don’t) I once had this youtube channel called ExtraWeirdable. This channel has been inactive for quite some time, but I’m planning to start again. First of all there will be a few changes. The old videos […]