New gear!

So, about a month ago I visited IBC with some friends of mine, and we got to play with a lot of awesome camera gear.
When we were busy doing so we compared different models of different brands of cameras and we really fell in love with the Canon C-Series cameras. They are amazing and easy to work with and deliver such a stunning quality video.

That was a month ago.

Now I actually own one!

I present to you, the Canon C100 Mark-II with a 24-105mm F4.0 L lens and a Atomos Ninja Blade external recorder!

14599798_10206701249321812_1636154245_o 14614231_10206701249201809_1691242334_o 14599764_10206701249361813_1295262744_o

Now we’re all set on making amazing videos.

About the author: Tou-Latu Muskitta

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