New website, New beginnings.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new website.

As some of you might know (but most of you probably don’t) I once had this youtube channel called ExtraWeirdable. This channel has been inactive for quite some time, but I’m planning to start again.

First of all there will be a few changes.
The old videos that were on the channel have been removed and me and my girlfriend are going to start all over again.
We are going to make all kind of videos including sketches, short movies and we’re also busy writing some web-series.
The videos I used to have were all improvised and random, and I had no clue how making videos even worked. I have gained some experience in making videos over the years and I have realised it will always be a learning process full of experimentation, trial and error.

I have also started as a freelance video/photographer under the name Tou-Latu Muskitta Videography. This website will contain my professional portfolio as well.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the content we are going to make, Lets make it a good run.

Lots of love,

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